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Management and Coaches

Koen Verhoef

Founder / Director

Over 43 years of swim teaching experience
Degree in Teacher of Swimming KNZB Teacher in Swimming for Infants and Toddlers (USA) STA Teachers of Swimmers (England)

“At aquaDucks, water safety and fun go together as one! We are dedicated to continual learning and adaptation of our program with the goal to give the best service possible to our valued clients. On behalf of the aquaDucks team, I wish you all a warm welcome!​”


Tiara Verhoef

Aquatics Manager / Head Coach

13 years of swim teaching experience
Early Childhood Education Degree
Red Cross Swim Instructor Certified
USSSA Babies and Toddlers Certified
AUSTswim Swim Instructor
CPR & First Aid Certified

“Having been a former competitive swimmer, I am passionate about teaching correct swimming techniques to children and adults with a fun-based approach to reach their highest potential. I look forward to teaching water safety skills in a safe, fun and engaging environment!”

Bremen de Haan

Operations Manager / Coach

10 years of youth coaching experience
MBA graduate
USSSA Babies and Toddlers Certified
Former Division 1 athlete
Former middle school teacher
CPR & First Aid Certified

“There is something incredibly unique and fulfilling about witnessing the progression in a sport from novice to mastering a skill – especially a skill as vital as swimming and water safety. I look forward to helping all students reach their goals in the water.”


Agnes (Mentor Coach)

Swim Australia Teacher (ASCTA), Swimming Teacher Association (STA)
“I enjoy teaching children to swim simply because it is a lifetime survival skill and I love to see children having fun in the water and at the same time able to keep themselves safe.”


Swim Australia teacher (ASCTA)
“When I am in the water, I get a sense of freedom and serenity. It is something that everyone should experience and enjoy. Coaching at aquaDucks allows me to spread my passion to fellow children via safe yet fun and engaging classes.”