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Duckling Program

Babies & Toddlers
6-35 months

The sooner your child starts swimming lessons, the faster your child will feel comfortable in the water and learn how to be safe in and around an aquatic environment. The aim of this program is for every child to feel happy and be safe in the water.

At aquaDucks, children can start learning to swim from 6 months of age. In our Duckling Program, babies and toddlers are encouraged to feel at ease in the water and at the same time learn breath control and how to swim back to the wall for their safety. Accompanied with songs and games, we create a fun and educational environment that leaves smiles on the little ones’ faces.

The Duckling Program is a parent-accompanied class conducted under the professional guidance of our friendly and experienced swim coaches.

Level 1 (30 minutes | ratio 4:1)

Teaching points:

  • Water familiarization
  • Pre-submersion exercises
  • Encouraging self-exploration

Level 2 (30 minutes | ratio 4:1)

Teaching points:

  • Safe entry and exit from the pool
  • Water play focusing on getting face and head wet
  • Learning breath control and submersion
  • Encouraging kicking with support

Level 3 (30 minutes | ratio 4:1)

Teaching points:

  • Unassisted jump to the parent/coach
  • Demonstrating breath-holding skills
  • Kicking and retrieving toy with submersion
  • Learning how to swim to parent/coach

Level 4 (30 minutes | ratio 4:1)

Teaching points:

  • Jumping in, turning around, and swimming back to the wall (assisted)
  • Climbing out of the pool (assisted)
  • Learning how to swim towards parents from the wall
  • Swimming underwater for at least 3 seconds

Level 5 (30 minutes , ratio 4:1)

Teaching points:

  • Learning to come up to breathe
  • Rhythmic breathing with the support of parent/coach
  • Introduction to floating on back
  • Personal safety (turning around and swimming back to the wall)

Level 6 (30 minutes | ratio 4:1)

Teaching points:

  • Increased distance and using gross motor skills
  • Rhythmic breathing without support
  • Increased distance of underwater swimming
  • Retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool

Learning Through Play

Learning through play is essential to the success in every child’s swimming journey. All our babies & toddlers swimming lessons are filled with songs and games while our coaches ensure that every child learns the fundamental skills of swimming and water safety.