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aquaDucks believes that every student should be water confident and be able to learn key life-saving swimming skills and proper swimming technique in a happy and positive manner.

Our Duckling and Duckie Programs, designed for students 6 months to 4 years old, focus on water safety and fun. Our students learn survival skills from a very young age within their comfort zone. One key water safety milestone is for the little swimmers to learn to swim back to the wall for safety under their parent’s and coach supervision.

In our Learn to Swim Program, your child will learn to master all strokes with the right techniques and work on building stamina with a fun-based approach.

All students, from babies to adults, progress at their own pace. We ensure that our classes are lots of fun to create a happy, safe and positive environment.

Learning is Fun!

Play is essential in your child’s journey to become a safe and competent swimmer. Plus, it is part and parcel of their learning process. While playing, children are creative and more receptive to learning new skills.

Whether you are a beginner or a competent swimmer, aquaDucks has a swim program suitable for you. View our programs to get started today!